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Saturday, 23 July 2005

sedar tak sedar...

Sedar tak sedar...dah 3 tahun dan aku lepak UM ( 4 thn ar termasuk Asasi), skrg tinggal satu sem with 2 subjects left...and In a few months, i will begin a new era of my life, which i'm still not sure about...heheh..

Anyway, my real plan is, buat Master as soon as i finished my first degree...i got people asking, "nape x nak keje dulu?"...and some of my answers are :-

  1. "My parents want me to"... See...they wanted me to be a lecturer since i can't be a doctor like my brother and my sis which i can't be because i'm not smart enuff and don't want to be just not me...i'm more a nature person which explained why i'm taking Ecology and Biodiversity instead of other majorings (besides the reason that my pointer is not good enuff to take biotech..huhu)

  2. "Because i want to!"..nowadays, berlambak giler org yg dah ade degree and still menganggur...kalo dlm job advertisement pun, semua nak carik accountant la, engineer la and etc which i'm not...Kalau ade yg pasal biologi pun, nk microbiologist la, biotech la and etc which again, i'm not!...huhu..

  3. "I'm not ready to work yet"..which is true becoz i don't think i'm mature enuff to face the hectic-working-life and i rather see myself as a student for 3-4 more years to come..heheh

  4. "Coz aku still x jumpe the love of my life"..people always tells u that u should find ur future husband/wife in university and which i found that statement is BULLSHIT... so, the number four reason is actually...just a sarcastic way ( not sarcastic enuff i guess) to tell those students who believe in this silly superstitious yg biasenye ditanam by their parents that they're kind know...not-really-smart guys (a nicer way to say stupid..hehe)...Skrg maybe x ramai dah pikir camni, but believe me, some still do...huhu...

Mrepek gile aku mrepek dengan ayat-ayat di atas yang di taip mrepek tanpe better stop ..chioowwzzz..huhu lagik...heheh