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Friday, 28 January 2011

Dude's Birthday @ KL Tower

15th January ago (saturday), was Dude's Birthday. I seriously didn't have any plan for him. Just bought him a present which he chose himself (siyes susah gile nak bg hadiah to dude secare suprise sbb dia byk i let him chose himself lah..)...

 (A year before, we only celebrated at William's Kelana jaya, where I asked for yah n Abg Pica's help to surprise him which turned out well and almost everyone at William's sang Happy Birthday for him as well. ).. This year, saya ketandusan  idea on how to surprise him.

On Thursday, a couple of days before his birthday, i suddenly felt kinda guilty for not doing or planning anything for him. So I googled and search for a so called romantic place to dine in with all the candle light dinner bagai sume la kononnye.. read few forums and mostly in the forum mesti ada suggestion untuk try KL Tower Revolving Restaurant (Restoran Berputar). From the review, mostly said the foods are so-so, but because as a pure KL breed and haven't been to KL Tower (org KL biase pegi lambat2, bg chance kat org luar visit dulu...hoho), i decided to have a lunch there and booked through phone je.

The price to go up to the observation deck is RM38 per person. Having lunch there is about RM70++, and for Hi-Tea is RM40++. So, i would like to suggest to anyone who wanna go up the KL Tower, just take the Hi-Tea la, at least with only RM10 extra, you gotta eat at the restaurant.

Tapi saya nak celebrate kan, i chose the lunch la..takde la lambat sgt nak tunggu sampai pukul 3pm for the hi-tea to start. Ok, I don't usually drive when Dude's around, but because he had to have his eyes closed all the way to KL Tower, i had to drive that day.

Awal2 perjalanan, he tried to memorize the route i used, so eventually i had to used jalan lain untuk ke KL dan agak menyesal sbb jln lain tu byk keter. But, he couldn't see me berkerut dan memaki hamun tanpe suare pada jalan yg jam..hehe.

Arriving at destination at about 12.15 pm. letak krete tepi2 jln je. bukak kain pengikat mate and he looked around saying dia tatau where we were. Then he stepped out of the car, and said "mcm tau tempat ni". Then he saw the tower, of course la he knew kan...

We took our ticket at the counter and went up the lift. Gila laju...cepat je 50m, then naik 150m, then naik lg smpi la ke tingkat 2. The observation deck was one floor below us. Dah ambik tempat duduk, ape lagi, of course la mengambil gambar dahulu..hehe

There were two sections where the food were served. One for malaysian's foods and another section for western/fusion kind of foods. However, the choices were limited though. The taste for me? je.. boleh la makan...takde la kate tak sedap sgt.. When Dude went to take some food for the second time, i signaled on of the waiters to bring the cake as the pianist had arrived. So when dude came back to his sit, the pianist make an announcement wishing Dude happy birthday and just on that instant, the waiters came to our table with a cake singing happy birthday song for Dude diiringi dengan petikan piano (bukan petikan for guitar ke?..huhu) by the pianist. They sang it twice and Dude just went 'Awak....awak...awak' sambil sengih2 menahan malu dan bangga, maybe?..hohoho

Waiters yang macam malu2 je diorg menyanyi..hehe.

Lepas diorg menyanyi, one of the waiters offered to take a picture of both of us. And seriously, i think i'm kinda not bad at all in the below pic...hohohoho

 Teringin nak jadi macam PD yang selalu inform the brands of her clothes, aku pun nak buat jugak.

Ok, my blouse and pants were bought from Scarlet Maternity Wears. Anak tudung from Arzu which was more expensive then the scarf (Anak tudung =RM25 ; scarf =RM10). Sandal (tiada dalam gambar) dari Clark (the only expensive things i had to spend every year due to my very big feet - clark je ade size..huhu).
As for Dude, he was wearing kemeja Snail (one of the pressies - gave to thim the morning before we went to KL Tower) and also a Snail khakis pants.

Ye, ye, tau, sungguh unbranded sekali dan patut malu mendedahkan brand2 itu...tapi ade aku kesah?..hohoho

Lepas makan, turun lif, singgah dekat floor observation deck, tapi baru teringat kitorg tertinggal tiket atas meje. tapi malas nak ambik, and we've already observed all part of KL without having to move from our table (kate restoran berputar..huhuh), and sebab kenyang, we decided to head back home. 

Happy Birthday sayang..kita dah sebaya sekarang! I like!..heheheh..

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Pregnancy Journey Part 2


Sementare tgh tak brape ade mood buat keje, saye akan mencube menulis dgn gigihnye sambungan perjalanan kehamilan saya...huhuhu

Ok, so in Part 1, i've mentioned on how we tried to conceive by planning the dates and days to 'do it' (hehehe). I wasn't sure which was my supposedly ovulation day, but a week after that one-trying-week, i felt cramp on my lower abdomen, just like period pain. I always had period pain 2-3 days before i had my period but this time, it was like almost 2 weeks early. So, i did feel pregnant and was secretly hoping i was. However, i still continue with my normal life routine and during that time, we had a futsal tournament and i played. And there was one time a girl kicked the ball right to my stomach. It wasn't too painful, but because i've already suspected that i'm pregnant, agak risau jugak le..

So, starting from 5 days before my period due, i've used a couple of pregnancy test kit to test. The first test showed nothing, but the second test showed a very faint second line. So terusla dok carik online ape maksud, and all said that even the line is very faint, it still means yang kita pregnant coz that line hanya mengesan the pregnancy hormon yang hanya akan ada lepas implantation berlaku. Tapi sebab masih faint, I tried not to put much hope takut terdissapoined kan..

Then on the day when i was supposed to have my period, cuba lagi, guna yang murah punya, lagi faint.. then bila baca internet, pregnancy test kite ni byk jenis, ada yang hebat sket boleh detect the hormone dalam volume yg sikit, tp yg murah2 biase klinik guna, kene tunggu hormone dlm badan byk sket, baru leh detect. So lusa nye try lg, jadi terang sket..then geram sangat the next day, i bought the clear blue 'digital' pregnancy test harga rm30 ++ kot (x sabar punya psl..sila jgn jakon spt sy..hehe), terang2 dia tulis situ '2-3 weeks' (kire kalo dlm kitaran doktor yg 40 weeks tu, i was in my 4-5 weeks la...sgt baru)... Alhamdulillah...gembira sgt masa tu... test pagi2 buta, so after test, kejut dude yg tgh tido, suh dia baca ape tulis on that digital pregnancy test, then he looked at me, dan dgn agak terkejut smbil snyum sket, he asked 'betul ke?'..hehehe..i like!

I knew t was too eraly to go to the doctor, but just a day after i tested with the digital hpt, saye mengalami selseme, batuk, sakit terak yg ala2 dahsyat..risau tonsilitis muncul kembali spt last year, i went to suraya clinic. I told Dr Sabrina, symptom2 saye dan diakhiri dgn 'tp saye risau nak main makan je ubat, sbb saye rase saye pregnant'. Bulat mata doktor tersebut kerana itu sbnrnye saye nak cakap kan, tp saje cakap last2..hehe.. Anyway, the Dr adalah super nice!!..sila ke klinik suraya ok...

So, she scanned me, tp of course x nampak lg...then dia test air kencing, still nmpk very faint line, so cannot be sure btul2 dia bg la ubat utk sakit2 td tp ubat batuk xde..x leh katenye... Sebab Mizah yg teman aku ke klinik, so, i had to tell her i was pregnant, and she had to keep it a secret till i'm ready to tell the world!..hehe

So, when i was ready to tell the world like 2-3 weeks after, something happened that made me trpkse rahsiakan lagi my pregnancy dari umum...

What happened?..tunggu ar Part 3..penat ar...hehe.. Later!

Monday, 24 January 2011

My Pregnancy Journey Part 1

My baby at 14-15 weeks with fibroid underneath her/him =)
I was told by some friends i met during induction to start a blog or a journal for my pregnancy especially because this is my first. But i was too lazy busy to do so. However, thinking of the things i might forget during this first pregnancy, i decided to allocate some times few times a week so that i could record and share my experience since i knew i was pregnant until the day i'll give birth... InsyaAllah =)..

Before i start, amaran untuk semua yang belum berkahwin dan di bawah umur, kandungan entry di bawah mengandungi spoiler yang mungkin geli untuk di baca (too much information...kate lecturer... hoho).. yang bertujuan untuk pengajaran kepada yang memerlukan. Maka, sila tunggu sehingga anda cukup matang and feel free to read other entries or blogs.

Ok, so it started when i got married (duuh..of course...!) with Dude on the 29th Jan 2010. We actually decided to give ourselves a break like 2-3 months from any additional commitment to straighten and stabilize our life and budget. But, if accidentally it happened, we'll of course accept it with open heart la kan.. (rezeki maa)..So, we controlled 'it' (hehehe) naturally.

However, due to our kehebatan to control it naturally, we were used to it, and after 2-3 months we still did not 'do it' during my might-be-most-fertile-days...hhehehe. We didn't really care that much though, but others care too much..haiishhh... (specially the offense)... People started asking (like there were nothing else to talk about), one of my uncles siap cakap, "Mak Usu kau lopeh kawin yo tonguih mongandung".. Ok..ok, pak usu sangat hebat..clap clap.. (Sila jangan baca dan marah ye pak usu ku syg.. ;))

Still, with all the questions, i didn't care much (a bit?..yess..huhu)...until after 8 months married during my period in September, I talked to dude about this. The dialogues went something like this:

Me: Awak, dah almost 8 bulan kita kawin..Risau la plak kot saya ada problem ke apa2. Kalau lagi lambat tau, lagi lambat boleh settle. Tapi Nauzubillah la kan..So, apa kata kita 'try' lepas saya habis period nanti? (batting my eyelashes)

Dude: Mari! (Batting his eyelashes as well... *wink wink*)

So, I started to count the days and estimated when i would be ovulated (Ovum keluar dari ovari ye puan-puan). Because my menstrual cycle varies every month (ranging from 29-38 days, but normally 32-35 days), plus minus ada 8 hari lebey kurang yang dianggarkan to be my most fertile days (waktu subur bukan subuh ye..).. Those 8 days adalah dari (tak berapa ingat, lebey kurang la) 10th october sampailah 17th october 2010. Within these days, i told dude (After loads of readings online) that we should 'try doing it' at least every other days or two (selang sehari ke dua hari ke..coz sperm can live up to 5 days tp normally kita ambik 3 days la.... Hari-hari 'try' utk 8 days in a row?..korang mampu silalah buat..lebih afdhal...hohohohoh..kami berwasatiah sahaje..hehe)...

So, adakah percubaan pertama kami merancang untuk pregnant membuahkan hasil?..Silalah tunggu Part 2... huhuhu..Later! =)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

still hanging...after a year... =)


my wedding deco after almost a year

The pic above was the room used for my wedding almost a year ago. We only did a simple deco just by changing the langsir and put up another big curtain that was supposed to be a sliding door's punya langsir dekat belakang katil mcm backdrop la konon. Then we put roses on top of both curtains. That was it. malas nak grand2...

And now after a year, the curtains and the roses are still in this room. Takde sape rajin enough to bukak the curtains and the flowers..hehe.. So when i'm not going back to putrajaya, dude n i gune bilik ni and we feel like newly married all over again, like 3 days a week?..hehehehe...

So, slamat pengantin baru sayang!..hehe