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Monday, 24 January 2011

My Pregnancy Journey Part 1

My baby at 14-15 weeks with fibroid underneath her/him =)
I was told by some friends i met during induction to start a blog or a journal for my pregnancy especially because this is my first. But i was too lazy busy to do so. However, thinking of the things i might forget during this first pregnancy, i decided to allocate some times few times a week so that i could record and share my experience since i knew i was pregnant until the day i'll give birth... InsyaAllah =)..

Before i start, amaran untuk semua yang belum berkahwin dan di bawah umur, kandungan entry di bawah mengandungi spoiler yang mungkin geli untuk di baca (too much information...kate lecturer... hoho).. yang bertujuan untuk pengajaran kepada yang memerlukan. Maka, sila tunggu sehingga anda cukup matang and feel free to read other entries or blogs.

Ok, so it started when i got married (duuh..of course...!) with Dude on the 29th Jan 2010. We actually decided to give ourselves a break like 2-3 months from any additional commitment to straighten and stabilize our life and budget. But, if accidentally it happened, we'll of course accept it with open heart la kan.. (rezeki maa)..So, we controlled 'it' (hehehe) naturally.

However, due to our kehebatan to control it naturally, we were used to it, and after 2-3 months we still did not 'do it' during my might-be-most-fertile-days...hhehehe. We didn't really care that much though, but others care too much..haiishhh... (specially the offense)... People started asking (like there were nothing else to talk about), one of my uncles siap cakap, "Mak Usu kau lopeh kawin yo tonguih mongandung".. Ok..ok, pak usu sangat hebat..clap clap.. (Sila jangan baca dan marah ye pak usu ku syg.. ;))

Still, with all the questions, i didn't care much (a bit?..yess..huhu)...until after 8 months married during my period in September, I talked to dude about this. The dialogues went something like this:

Me: Awak, dah almost 8 bulan kita kawin..Risau la plak kot saya ada problem ke apa2. Kalau lagi lambat tau, lagi lambat boleh settle. Tapi Nauzubillah la kan..So, apa kata kita 'try' lepas saya habis period nanti? (batting my eyelashes)

Dude: Mari! (Batting his eyelashes as well... *wink wink*)

So, I started to count the days and estimated when i would be ovulated (Ovum keluar dari ovari ye puan-puan). Because my menstrual cycle varies every month (ranging from 29-38 days, but normally 32-35 days), plus minus ada 8 hari lebey kurang yang dianggarkan to be my most fertile days (waktu subur bukan subuh ye..).. Those 8 days adalah dari (tak berapa ingat, lebey kurang la) 10th october sampailah 17th october 2010. Within these days, i told dude (After loads of readings online) that we should 'try doing it' at least every other days or two (selang sehari ke dua hari ke..coz sperm can live up to 5 days tp normally kita ambik 3 days la.... Hari-hari 'try' utk 8 days in a row?..korang mampu silalah buat..lebih afdhal...hohohohoh..kami berwasatiah sahaje..hehe)...

So, adakah percubaan pertama kami merancang untuk pregnant membuahkan hasil?..Silalah tunggu Part 2... huhuhu..Later! =)