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Sunday, 29 March 2009

I'm engaged...huhuhu

"Spouse:  someone who'll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn't have had if you'd stayed single". ~Author Unknown


So sorry for the long pause (not really sure to whom I'm apologizing to..huhu)

Loads had happened within my blog-hibernation-period. But the most significant might be my engagement day that was held on 7th March 09. DON'T ask me when is the big day coz we have yet to confirm on the date, but it will be next year for sure, insyaAllah....

I've uploaded some pics of the day on my friendster. Feel free to browse 'em through...

To my very good friends since Hi-school who came on that day - Yah + Abg Pic + Rania, Amal, Sue, Dawat, Pnut, Shidah, Dian,  Sare and all their husbands n BFs, thank you so much for being there..muaahhhzz!!

Same goes to my good friend from UM, Ziera, Fazli, & Adli, mekaceh byk2..hehe...

Dude's friends, who happened to be mine as well (as we were from the same college in UM - my juniors of course) - Pijang, Acot, Fatah, Din + gf, Dayat n Usop (hsemate Dude), thank you.

My neighbours since 5 yrs old whom I heart so muuuccchhh, Luqman, Shafiq n Akmal, and to their parents , terime kasih byk2 for your presence... (MIA on that day - aizat rosedi..hhuhu)

Sdare mare yg sangat ramai n x leh nak disebut sorg2 coz ramai, time kasih byk2 jugak...
And to all, Do pray for my happiness...tq, ;)

p/s:sorry to those yg tak tersebut name....sile jgn marah...huhuhu

Monday, 2 March 2009


Yah ...

mase kat rumah ko dgn amal kelmarin, terharu gile bile ko cakap

"mamat tu lg sorg, kalau la membunuh tu tak berdose, lame dah aku bunuh dia".

hehehe...terharu btul...hohoho...tq..tq..tq.. :D