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Sunday, 30 March 2008

That smell...

"Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains." -Diane Ackerman


It always amazes me, how a simple smell could rush all the memories back into my head. All the bitter sweet memories. Some which I've always remember and some that I've tried hard to forget and finally managed to do so.

That smell. It triggered something inside of me that had long been forgotten. Something that made me happy and sad at the same time.

I love that smell. =)

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Her story - Part 2

"Happiness pulses with every beat of my heart".  ~Emily Logan Decens

She was happy tonight. Very happy. She talked on the phone with her beloved sister, mother and her special someone. She just couldn't stop singing after all those phone calls she made. "Love is in the air", she said. She smiled, she laughed. She felt like as if she was flying. She couldn't concentrate on her works. Loads of works. She was very happy. And again, she didn't understand why. She was really sad yesterday, and she was very happy today. She felt silly for her easily-changing-moods. Hahaha. She laughed again. And smiled.

And she's still smiling.... =)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Her story ....

"We were talking about the space between us all and the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion. Never glimpse the truth - then it's far too late when they pass away" - George Harrison


She was sad and depressed the whole day. Her friends managed to make her forget her sadness for a while. So, she laughed, she sang. She looked happy. She felt a bit happy too. But sometimes, she overreacted and became overly childish. And when she realized she was overreacted, she felt sad again; blaming herself for being so childish and immature. She didn't quite know what was wrong with her today.

After her friends went back home, she absorbed herself in her story book world. Imagining herself as Jasmin Field and lived in her cynical/idealistic world. She just loved to do that sometimes. Hiding from the bitterness of the reality by envisioning herself as one of the characters of her uncountable novels.

She felt hungry. She get off her bed, marking the page where she last read with a University-of-Oxford bookmark and left it on her desk. She ate with her beloved housemate, chatting and gossiping happily, finished her late night supper and went back to her room - her haven, her shelter, her asylum, her sanctuary.

She then sat for a while in front of her laptop and chatted with some friends. She asked a friend whom she was chatting with to give her a piece of advice about anything as she thought it might lift her spirit up or enlighten her mood or just ..just..hhmmm... She didn't really know why she needed the advice for. Anyway, her friend (maybe aware or maybe unaware of her being 'down') just told her 'Live life happily, and don't be sad'. With only that one simple sentence, she burst into tears. And again, for the umpteenth times that day, she felt lost and didn't understand what went wrong with herself.

So, she decided to hide again. Absorbing herself in her new character, Jasmin Field from the novel Acting Up, she loss herself once again...

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Letter for AWAK....hihihi

Pada yg jijik, sila jangan bace. I'm usually not the kind of person who sangat poyo meluahkan isi hati n perut secare public.. (kawan2 aku, korg tau kan aku mcm ne..huhu)

Tapi this time, i just feel like writing/typing something for Awak because I didn't get to talk to him today and simply because i miss him...hohoho...

Dah rase geli?...blah..blah...blah....hohoho


Hi Awak...

How was your day? I didn't get a chance to talk to you today and sorry for not replying your sms earlier. And when I did reply, you were already asleep.

Anyway, It's 12 am in the morning. Just done watching Sindarela with K Linda and in 5 minutes, we're going to have a late supper (makan nasik consider supper bley wak?..hihi)...

I miss u so much today... (heeee..i'm blushing...hohoho...jgn berharap ye wak...awak mmg tau sy tak blushing bile malu..hohoho).. But seriously, I mish u so much...huhu..

Thank you for everything you've done for me. Thank you for your supports. Thank you for being very understanding. Thank you for just being there. Thank you for putting up with me (again, I know, it's very very hard). And finally, thank you for loving me. =)

I never thought I could survive this long distance relationship. I always thought i'll be the one who surrender and give up this relationship (you know la i'm very the ngade-ngade kan..huhu). But because of your patience (wat donno bile sy marah) and love, Alhamdulillah, we are still standing strong just like 3 years ago when we started being together. In fact, I believe we are much stronger now and hopefully, will become stronger with each day to come.

Alamak Awak.. Saya dah ngantuk la plak. There are still loads of things to say, but i'll save it when I call you later k. All the mushy2 stuffs pun, saye cakap dalam phone k. Nanti diorg bace, segan la saye...hilang la kemachoan sy..hahahahahaha...

Ape pun, I'm very very lucky to have you by my side (but not as lucky as you yang dapat saye yg best ni... hahahahha..sian awak ek dpt bersimpati..hohohoho..). I WEV U!!...huhuhu

Papai!!! =)

p/s: Kalau kite gaduh ke, saye delete la post ni..and hopefully nobody will ever remember that I'd posted this before. hoohoho...

Saturday, 15 March 2008

How to read my blog?

Ways to read my blog:-

  • Ignore all the grammar mistakes

  • Ignore all the spelling mistakes

  • Ignore all the inappropriate/unsuitable vocabs

  • Ignore all the bad words

  • Just don't ignore me!..hohoho

Enuff said!! =)


Aku mcm bosan. So, nak merepek menceritekan dengan ringkas psl hari ni..huhu

Hari ini bermula dengan......


10 am - woke up.. surfed the internet..

11 am - tried making the puding jagung for the 2nd time..

2.10 pm - went down to kedai cina, nina's supermarket, Razwan, and ScotMid - bought evaporated milk, custards, toilet rolls etc..

2.50 pm - kept all the stuffs bought at home, went back down and waited for leman n cidud at the bus stop

3.05 pm - walked to uncle T, called AWAK on the way, had a cup of cappuccino, watched them makan2 x igt org..hihi, read the newspaper.

4.15 pm - walked back home.

4.30 pm - arrived home. tried making the puding jagung for the 3rd time!arghh... watched you tube. watched leman n cidud watching you tube. they ate my 1st and 2nd trial of puding jagung. Baity n Makju arrived home.

5.30 pm - Waited for Cidud doing his thing in the toilet. He blamed our flush toilet for not flushing all his faeces down the drain pipe until the 3rd trial (tp kitorg tau, sbb byk gile n penuh toilet bowl tu dia buang...huhu)

6.30 pm - Arrived at Abg Khai house. They served nasi lemak, spaghetti bolognese, roasted chicken cooked by Kak Aida. Sedaaaaaaaaapppppp...hihihi. Watched Buletin Utama (gile lame tak tengok since blah dr msia).

9.23 pm - Went to tesco - bought more custards. Arrived home, tried making the puding jagung for the 4th time.

10.30 pm - Jal and Elly arrived. The puding turned out okay at last! Yeay.. !!

11 pm - After four trials of making the puding, we started buat yg serius punye. 2 kali masak in a big periuk. huhu.

1.15 am - Habis masak. Baity, Jal n Elly still struggling with the kuih keria. Masuk bilik and started to write this blog.

1.50 am - I am now writing this third-last-sentence and im going to bed. Good night! Later peeps...!..hohohoho

Friday, 14 March 2008


I wish I didn't know. I wish I didn't hear. I wish I didn't listen. I wish I didn't see. I wish I didn't understand. I wish I don't care. I wish I don't feel. I wish I am daft. I wish i am emotionless.

But I knew. I heard. I listened. I saw. I understood. I care. I feel. I'm not daft. I have emotion.


I'm plain ol' Nadot. And I'm just being emo~ wowowowowowo....

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Amaran: Not to be read or understood by narrow-minded people...hohoho..

Finally...after one month of waiting...I could rest my mind in peace..knowing that...

I'm Not Pregnant...hohohohohohoho...

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

MSc dissertation... aaarrgghh!!

"Ya Allah, Please grant me strength, wisdom, sight and courage to complete my dissertation and graduate with flying colours. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin"


Alhamdulillah. Finally I've finished the first part of my MSc - no more lectures, assignments, exams etc. Kire dah half way thru my MSc (IF i pass all the exams and assignments for the third block where the results will only be known maybe in April - doakan saye yer kwn2..huhu). And starting today, the new episode of my life began. I met my supervisor at the zoo, discussed a lil on my methodology and started my first preliminary observation (pilot study). Babu and Fanindra are so cute (my two rhinos for 4-5 months..huhu). They allowed me to pet and feed them. I heart them already. hohoho..

But, even I've already love those two rhinos, the thought of waking up 6.45 in the morn to start my morning observation at 8.30 and finish observing at 5 pm, dampen all my love for those rhinos, the zoo and everything related to that matter. I'm not mentally prepared yet to start this research .... arrrgghhh...

Guys, please do pray for my success. thank you..huhu... Later!