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Saturday, 15 March 2008


Aku mcm bosan. So, nak merepek menceritekan dengan ringkas psl hari ni..huhu

Hari ini bermula dengan......


10 am - woke up.. surfed the internet..

11 am - tried making the puding jagung for the 2nd time..

2.10 pm - went down to kedai cina, nina's supermarket, Razwan, and ScotMid - bought evaporated milk, custards, toilet rolls etc..

2.50 pm - kept all the stuffs bought at home, went back down and waited for leman n cidud at the bus stop

3.05 pm - walked to uncle T, called AWAK on the way, had a cup of cappuccino, watched them makan2 x igt org..hihi, read the newspaper.

4.15 pm - walked back home.

4.30 pm - arrived home. tried making the puding jagung for the 3rd time!arghh... watched you tube. watched leman n cidud watching you tube. they ate my 1st and 2nd trial of puding jagung. Baity n Makju arrived home.

5.30 pm - Waited for Cidud doing his thing in the toilet. He blamed our flush toilet for not flushing all his faeces down the drain pipe until the 3rd trial (tp kitorg tau, sbb byk gile n penuh toilet bowl tu dia buang...huhu)

6.30 pm - Arrived at Abg Khai house. They served nasi lemak, spaghetti bolognese, roasted chicken cooked by Kak Aida. Sedaaaaaaaaapppppp...hihihi. Watched Buletin Utama (gile lame tak tengok since blah dr msia).

9.23 pm - Went to tesco - bought more custards. Arrived home, tried making the puding jagung for the 4th time.

10.30 pm - Jal and Elly arrived. The puding turned out okay at last! Yeay.. !!

11 pm - After four trials of making the puding, we started buat yg serius punye. 2 kali masak in a big periuk. huhu.

1.15 am - Habis masak. Baity, Jal n Elly still struggling with the kuih keria. Masuk bilik and started to write this blog.

1.50 am - I am now writing this third-last-sentence and im going to bed. Good night! Later peeps...!..hohohoho