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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

MSc dissertation... aaarrgghh!!

"Ya Allah, Please grant me strength, wisdom, sight and courage to complete my dissertation and graduate with flying colours. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin"


Alhamdulillah. Finally I've finished the first part of my MSc - no more lectures, assignments, exams etc. Kire dah half way thru my MSc (IF i pass all the exams and assignments for the third block where the results will only be known maybe in April - doakan saye yer kwn2..huhu). And starting today, the new episode of my life began. I met my supervisor at the zoo, discussed a lil on my methodology and started my first preliminary observation (pilot study). Babu and Fanindra are so cute (my two rhinos for 4-5 months..huhu). They allowed me to pet and feed them. I heart them already. hohoho..

But, even I've already love those two rhinos, the thought of waking up 6.45 in the morn to start my morning observation at 8.30 and finish observing at 5 pm, dampen all my love for those rhinos, the zoo and everything related to that matter. I'm not mentally prepared yet to start this research .... arrrgghhh...

Guys, please do pray for my success. thank you..huhu... Later!