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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

My Orion's Belt...

Orion (pronounced /ɒˈraɪən/), a constellation often referred to as The Hunter, is a prominent constellation, one of the largest and perhaps the best-known and most conspicuous in the sky -WIKIPIDIA


My friends and I went to Thaisanuk last night. Usually we will take a bus - lazy to walk & freezing. But as yesterday was Sunday, the bus service ended up early - as early as 5 pm. So, we ended up walking to and from Thaisanuk. On the way back from Thaisanuk, I accidentally (hihi) looked up and for the first time in Edinburgh, I saw stars!! Not lots though, but still, my first stars in Edinburgh.huhu.

And as always, I started looking for my orion's belt and it was there!! It nearly brought me to tears as all the memories that associated with the stars since I was 17 years old and particularly when I was in First yr of my undergrad came flushing back to my mind. Luckily I was with friends, so have to control macho..hahaha..

Anyway, finding my orion's belt made me very happy yesterday. And I thank Allah for the beautiful stars He made and for giving them the power to cheer me up.

btw, I'll be having my final exam starting tomorrow morn at 9.30 pm. Do pray for my success..huhu..

Enuff said... =)