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Sunday, 19 April 2009


Tadi pagi, dekat SMAKL, ade hari anugerah cemerlang. Kakcik terima hadiah utk PMR last yr.Setiap kali ade hari anugerah cemerlang smakl ni, mesti aku akan teringat conversation aku dgn ustazah sofinaz.

This happened 10 years ago in 1999. Few days b4 hari anugerah cemerlang that yr (I was one of the receivers utk hadiah PMR - 8A je, Bhs Arab kantoi..huhu), my friends and I was helping in the preparation for the event. CIkgu cikgi pun ade skali doing their stuffs on the stage. I felt sedikit tidak puas hati because all the years before, students dapat hadiah piala yang ade tulis nama sndiri. But that year,we will be getting a thesaurus dictionary instead. Mase tu, tah nape, sangat soka la kalau dpt piala, ye la...ade name, leh tayang kat rumah or kat org or sape2 (tgk..niat pun dah tak betul).huhuhu

So, I walked up the stage where Ustazah Sofinaz and some other teachers buat keje diorg. Borak2 kosong 2-3 minit, then tanye dekat Ustzh Sofinaz nape this year tak dpt piala mcm senior2 dulu. Nape dapat buku je?Then aku bebel2 la kat dia, aku suke piala sbb bla bla bla bla....

Ustazah pun cakap, "Nadiah, rezeki orang lain2. Rezeki senior2 dulu, lain, awak lain. Kite kene redha dgn ape Tuhan bg dekat kite, bersyukur..."

ha..kan dah terkedu aku time tu... bukan tak tau konsep rezeki ni, tp kadang2 bile kite nk sgt satu2 bnde tu, terlupe jap..setan pun time tu sah2 la menghasut je kan, tu terkuar soalan tu kat ustazah...huhuhu..

Tapi mmg betul pun cakap Ustazah...sampai sekarang, I'm still using the thesaurus....dah 10 thn tuuu, cantik lg cover dia...bergune tul...adik2 kat umah pun leh pakai...kalau piala, msti aku x pdulik dah dgn bnde tu after 10 yrs...huhu..rindu tul kat Ustazah Sofinaz... (bkn ko eh pnut..hehe)

So sekarang, wpun still ssh nak menerima kenyataan n sentiase tak puas hati, tp dah kuat sket igt yg rezeki org lain2, x same, n mungkin lmbat or cpt dr org lain... Pape pun aku doa, rezeki aku n family sentiasa murah je slalu... Amiinnn...

p/s: Bile la nk jadi kaye ni??...haiisshh... ;)

Thursday, 9 April 2009

I'd survived one semester!!!

Yeay!!!... x sangke dah mengajar for 1 sem... tot I couldn't last even a day...but i proved myself wrong ..yeay!! congratz to myself..hehehe...

However, my workloads are piling up each day... I have yet to start marking all the lab reports, tests, quizzes and the assignments. And i have to finish them fast as the exam is going to start on the 20th and both of my papers adalah dlm bulan april. Pastu gatal nak duit lebey, amik job examiner utk kolej luar yg twinning dgn uitm lg. pdn muke diri sndiri... huhu...

Anyhoo, I'm going to miss my students in both classes as they gave me my first experience teaching here in UiTM. I hope all of them do well in their becoming exam. Did give them more than enuf tips already. huhuhu...

Can't wait for the 1st of may coz nk pegi perhentian 4 the 2nd time with K anum, atiyyah n adib, my fellow colleagues. Hope the trip will be great and as memorable as my first trip to perhentian 4-6 yrs ago with yah, amal n faisz.

Got test papers to mark! Later peeps!! ;)

Monday, 6 April 2009

All of a sudden, I miss........ :(

Warning: This is not a post to be understood. Don't ask! :D


It never occurs to me that when our life has come to a certain stage, things will be different. Very different. The changes in the status of our life also results in the changes of our relationship with people around us.  We might either get closer, which is good, or  we might slowly become stranger with certain people, which is not good at all.

And at this point of our life, we suddenly wish for something that we knew is not only impossible, but also, forbidden. Yet we still wish for that something to happen, even just for a little while.

I'm not really asking for anything to change. I'm content with my current life. It just that sometimes, I miss...... haish...

Later! ;)