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Monday, 6 April 2009

All of a sudden, I miss........ :(

Warning: This is not a post to be understood. Don't ask! :D


It never occurs to me that when our life has come to a certain stage, things will be different. Very different. The changes in the status of our life also results in the changes of our relationship with people around us.  We might either get closer, which is good, or  we might slowly become stranger with certain people, which is not good at all.

And at this point of our life, we suddenly wish for something that we knew is not only impossible, but also, forbidden. Yet we still wish for that something to happen, even just for a little while.

I'm not really asking for anything to change. I'm content with my current life. It just that sometimes, I miss...... haish...

Later! ;)


pooja said...

yeah.. i miss_____________too..


nadot83 said...

sape pooja??..hehehe