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Saturday, 26 July 2008

~Another attempt and ehem.. I did it!!hoho

"In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time". ~Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book


I'm proud of myself!!!!...hoho

Yesterday (the next day after my 1st attempt of buat meatballs utk bakso), I've made another attempt of constructing the perfect meatballs for my bakso (perfect as in they'll stay in the ball shape rather that break into debris and taste a bit better than just , flour!?!), and now, I'm proudly announce, I've made it (with some alterations here and there to the size of the ingredients)!!!...

Yep, the taste wasn't at all near the same as my fav bakso in Arena OU, but at least they looked like a meatballs and they tasted like meat (not like plain flour as b4) and they were definitely edible even they weren't that good but again, they were definitely edible!!..huhuhu..

I wish I have the same kind of persistence in doing my dissertation, which I don't... *sigh*

:( later!!

Friday, 25 July 2008

Oh Bakso ku~ sob sob sob

"Failure doesn't mean you are a failure... it just means you haven't succeeded yet". ~Robert Schuller


My first attempt buat bakso - I failed... uwaaaa...sangat sedey...

The taste of the soup was fine, but the meatballs, 1)for some reasons, they just didnt want to stick and ended up not being a meatball but more like floating debris and 2) the taste of the floating debris themselves, didn't taste like meat at all, but more like corn flour (coz letak byk corn flour le psl)..adoii..

It started in compuer lab when I was staring at the comp too lazy to think about the stat programme, and suddenly, I was thinking about my fav bakso I ate in Arena Jusco OU and so I searched for the recipe (that was what i did in the comp lab - other than doing some personality tests - and so, not finishing my work..hohoh) from mesra resipi and dgn saliva yg terkumpul dlm mulut, started la buat bakso sebaik saje smpi umah. Sedeynye tak jadi!!!

Nak makan Bakso Arena!!!!!! :(

Thursday, 24 July 2008

~Obviously the previous post wasn't my last post for July..hoho

OK, currently it's 5.11 am in the morning and I haven't been able to sleep at all since yesterday. My eyes are as fresh as the morning dew and my brain can't seems to stop working like a workaholic (sgt bertentangan dgn tuan punye otak..huhu). The reason why (i think) : I drank nescafe yesterday morning for my breakfast. You know, with all the caffeine and this and that. I'm not a coffeeholic and in fact i rarely drink them except if i wanted to stay awake during classes which was more or less the same case as yesterday (to cut story short:need to go to comp lab everyday now-can't do anything at home-but felt sleepy everytime I sat in front of the computer in the lab-resulting in me drinking nescafe-which in the end causing me to lost my sleep).

Was thinking to take a pill of antihistamine but I knew i won't be able to wake up until past 5pm if i did.huhu.So, will keep trying to sleep after writing this post for at least 5 hours as I need to wake up at around 11 before going to computer lab.

"Dear my damn-beautiful-eyes and my smarty-ass-brain, could we just, sleep?!?"

-5.33 am-

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

First post for July (and maybe the last..huhu)

Waahhh.... lamenye tidak menulis!!...huhuhu...But couldn't let july pass without at least a post,so here goes my first and maybe the last blog for July!...hoho...

Hurm...not sure where to start as many things had happened since my last post. Start dgn my jalan-jalan carik jantan la..silap..carik pasal..hohoho... 2 weeks after we went to Ireland, K linda, Cidud n I went to Paris for 4 days, then the next 2 weeks, Alang came and visit me from Russia before heading back to Malaysia for her summer break and while she was here, we (together with K linda) went to Essex and London visiting Farid n fifi, and then headed back up to York and next to Preston where along took us to Liverpool, Blackpool, and Manchester (again...huhu). And in this 5 days trip, we managed to go to all Top 4 Clubs of EPL stadiums, Old trafford, Anfield, Emirates, and Stamfordbridge...huhuhu...

We might go on another trip in August to places in Scotland and north England, but that hasn't been carefully planned yet as it depends on my dissertation progress which does not seems to show any progress at all. I'm suppose to be busy with writing up my dissertation as I have less than a month to submit, but, being my-lazy-ass-self, I've written 200 words out of 10 000 words. Yes, I'm worry but there's nothing I can do when I don't seem to have ideas on how to start and what to write. So, I just wasting my time watching Taiwanese Drama Ying Ye 3+1and reading my novels which I can't seem to stop buying from

I hope I could get in the mood ASAP and could submit my thesis earlier than we supposed to. Do wish me luck guys. ..huhu.. Later!