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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

~Tak pasal2 emo gile..ape2 tah..huhu~

Remember i told u guys in my previous entry that I'm going to publish an emo post about someone. I'll do that later as I am now intending to write on something else that is also making me emo..huhuhu... I might be condemned or criticized for writing this, I don't give a damn, but just don't do it in my blog..hoho

Straight to the point, you know how some Malaysians studying or working overseas couldn't wait until they actually graduated or return to Malaysia for good to get married??..I really dont like these people.. Not everyone of them but mostly...huhu

Alasan UTAMA this kind of people bagi, usually because of AGAMA.. I'm not trying to make jokes on hukum Islam, I know, mmg better kawin dr kapel lame2, tambah dose n trbuat maksiat etc... but the issue is, diorg hanye menganggap yang diorg akan berdose kalau x kawin cepat, tp tak rase berdose n x sedar pun, yg by getting married dgn care ini, diorg akan menyusahkan kaum keluarge yg ada kat Malaysia especially their moms.

As I've mentioned earlier, bukan semua orang yg berkahwin while they were still overseas teruk. Some are very considerate. Macam maybe diorg kawin bile summer time cuti 3 months which give them enough time to settle hal2 perkahwinan diorg by themselves and also enough time to help out after the kenduri. Or those yang buat dulu perkara wajib (kalo mase n duit x cukup) iaitu just BERNIKAH and buat reception bile diorg dah balik Malaysia for good. Or maybe jugak, these people ade a very big family yang tidak bz yg boleh tolong diorg prepare everything utk majlis diorg..Orang-orang macam ini, ok je...

But not everyone is blessed with unbusy-very-big-family. And not everyone could get 3 months break just to get married. And not everyone is considerate enough to stop and think about others they will burden when they decided to get married. And I dislike this kind of people. And normally, this kind of people, terdiri dari orang bijak pandai, yang lepas SPM je, boleh fly overseas sbb bijak sangat. And because they've stayed overseas for sooo long, they never realize how hard their parents or family living their life each day or how busy they are. Boleh tahan lagi, kalau diorg tak bising2 nak itu nak ini, tp tah nape tah, org2 mcm ni, biasenye agak cerewet. With just a phone call and money transferred from overseas, they ordered their parents/sibling/friends to do this and that, dont want like this or like that, go buy this or that, dont want this colour, go and find that colour..etc..etc..etc... Then, yg emonye lagi, lepas kahwin, some of them won't even be staying together, sorg maybe kat utare n sorg maybe belajar kat selatan...adoi la...

That's what make me think sejak kenal dgn org2 mcm ni, for them, not getting married early enough is a sin, but menyusahkan parents/family tak pulak berdose eh..pelik gak... For the guys, couldn't their sperms wait a little longer before joining with the ovum and for the ladies, I know an ovum can only live for 24 hrs, but you'll get a new ovum each month, so, why can't u wait??!!

ye betul even yg kawin kat malaysia pun, mesti secare x langsung akan tersusahkan parents kite, tp insyaAllah, very minimum la...coz beli brg2, ade kite...carik baju ke, pelamin ke, pun sendiri jugak.. tp org2 yg diceritekan di atas ni, A - Z org kene watkan..cerewet lg...nak suh buat mcm2... x segan tul...adoi la..

Again, saye nak tegaskan, I'm not against early marriage. Kalau org tu cukup syarat, mampu or even di oversi pun dgn ciri2 that i've mentioned previously, go ahead. Kahwin cepat2. But to those yg hanye berpendapat kawin lambat berdose tapi menyusahkan mak ayah from A-Z (tanpe sdr org lain pun bz gak!) x berdose
, maleh ar nak cakap ape. Sah2 mmg selfish gile..

I know i'm far from perfect...I did hurt my parent's feeling n burden them at times. and feel bad everytime I did those. But these selfish people, they know nothing and aware of nothing and they think that they are perfect and never once stop to think that some people might get hurt because of something they do.

Enuff said!