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Monday, 17 November 2008

Her story - Part ??? (not keeping track of her story n'more)..huhu

She has just been working for almost a month and a half,  But she already feels like quitting. No particular reason for her to feel that. It just that she has no drive to do anything plus she is a silap..lazy...huhu

She hopes she could change for the better. But she knows, harapan je la...huhuhu...

Later! ;)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I need a reason...huhu

"Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake". ~Author Unknown


As my friends, you guys should know how BIG I am... Not slightly big but very very big... More then obese I suppose...hehehe..

So, I am supposed to have the motivation to slim down a little (at least the lower part of my body). But sadly, I don't!

I tried to find myself a reason to lose my weight. Some of the main reasons and my arguments to those reasons are:

  • Health reason - I know this is the most important reason why I should lose weight, but it still not enuff to motivate me to do so... I'm healthy now, so, why should I?

  • Clothes - I could find my size at Scarlet Plus.... susah2 pun, boleh tempah..huhu

  • Boyfriend - He said he loves me just the way I am, so...hehehe

  • Appearance - The problem is, I'm confident. I don't see myself as ugly. I think I'm quite cute ape.. hohoho...

So, ape lagi nak pikir ni?....adoi la... Ape yg boleh disimpulkan ialah, aku mmg pemalas..hohoho...

Welcome November....

Before I start, I would like to wish happy birthday to my two very dear friends, Amal (0211) and Suhaily (0411). May Allah bless you guys and Love ya !!

Time just passed me by like a tornado and suddenly November came. It has been almost two months since I left Edinburgh and it seems like some of the memories have started to fade away. Glad that I took a lot of pictures there which I can look at whenever I feel like it.

My workloads have started to pile up and being my usual last-minute-self, I haven't start a thing. Plus, as a new lecturer, my other new-lecturer-colleagues and I kene jadi invigilator untuk final year exam UiTM and kene jage 10 kali exam. Every exam takes 3 hours, mati ke tak..adoi la...

Di tambah lagi dgn my brother's wedding. Luckily cuti baru je diluluskan utk 14th Nov (next friday) coz have to drive my brother ke rumah pengantin perempuan kat kedah. Untuk kenduri at our place, aku x mintak cuti coz simpan cuti utk raye haji and krismas... ye la...baru start keje, cuti pun sikit je la...

Agak kecik hati coz ade org persoalkan nape I x amik cuti bile kenduri kat belah lelaki...tensen je.. dah le abg aku yg x sabar2 nak kawin, aku lak baru masuk keje, haruskah aku sanggup di bebel oleh ketua program sbb nak mintak cuti byk walaupun baru masuk keje sebulan lebey.... Siap ade cakap nnt aku kawin xde org nk tolong lak...ewah2.. Like I did nothing la for my brother... sabar nadot..jgn emo...huhuhu

So, ape pun... for those yg rajin bace my blog ni, jemput la datang kenduri kahwin along aku on the 22nd November dkt dewan komuniti near my house...sape2 yg nk dtg tp tatau tempat, do msg me ke..emel ke.. ape2 la....

Ade cousin datang, later! :)