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Thursday, 6 November 2008

I need a reason...huhu

"Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake". ~Author Unknown


As my friends, you guys should know how BIG I am... Not slightly big but very very big... More then obese I suppose...hehehe..

So, I am supposed to have the motivation to slim down a little (at least the lower part of my body). But sadly, I don't!

I tried to find myself a reason to lose my weight. Some of the main reasons and my arguments to those reasons are:

  • Health reason - I know this is the most important reason why I should lose weight, but it still not enuff to motivate me to do so... I'm healthy now, so, why should I?

  • Clothes - I could find my size at Scarlet Plus.... susah2 pun, boleh tempah..huhu

  • Boyfriend - He said he loves me just the way I am, so...hehehe

  • Appearance - The problem is, I'm confident. I don't see myself as ugly. I think I'm quite cute ape.. hohoho...

So, ape lagi nak pikir ni?....adoi la... Ape yg boleh disimpulkan ialah, aku mmg pemalas..hohoho...


rosejai said...

dot..jgn kurus.nanti aku x de lagi aset ko tuk dipicit or saje2 terlanggar or tersinggung.ahaaaaaaaaaa.

nadot83 said...

ros!!...x leh ke ko rahsiakan hobi ko dari pengetahuan umum??...hoho

aimi said...


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u've been tagged by me; myself..ahaks..

nadot83 said...

wah aimi...7 ke?..banyaknye...malasnye...hehehe
nnt akak x bz akak buat ok... :)

kAktEh said...

hurm..angah cane pon ttp angah org.. lucky or wut? ekeke! jgn mare..

kAktEh said...

hurm..angah cane pon ttp angah org.. lucky or wut? ekeke! jgn mare..

nadot83 said...

ko mmg sgt bertuah kakteh...hohoho