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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Kursus Induksi Umum & Khusus

Hi peeps!..

Just got back from induction course last Sunday. Went there (Kg gajah) for 2 weeks and i nearly die of boredom. The foods, even we were served 6 times daily, were tasteless (for me, at least) and i lost 800 grams! (ye, ye...800 grams least kan, dr takde...hehe)... 

The worst part was, I went to kg gajah just one day after my dear Dude got back from China where he also went for 2 weeks. So technically, we didn't meet each other for almost a month (the one day before i went to induction didn't count ok, sehari je..ade family day lak tu..couldn't really spent time together-gether pun..huhu)..

So, my staty in Kg Gajah adalah agak sedey2 juge la coz tiade Dude di sisi to tepuk and hug me to sleep. Luckily we were quite busy with all the talks, assignments and tests that i didn't really have time to dwell on my pathetic life without Dude by my side..hehe.. Though it was still hard tengok Kak Mas tidur dulu and I still couldn't closed my eyes wishing Dude was there (Though Dude might not care a bit that i wasn't there with him...haiishh!). Wishing mak was there too. Called mak and Dude everyday (trase spt budak kecik lg..huhu)

Anyway, the questions for the tests were quite tough especially for induksi khusus as most of us didn't really have the mood to study for khusus after 10 days struggling for umum. The 3 days left for khusus dilalui dengan otak yg melayang-layang thinking of all the good stuffs (food, family etc) that were within our reach after 3 more days..hehe...

Dude picked me up from Kg Gajah on the 5th December. I was so thrilled to be able to leave Kg Gajah and go back ke pangkuan keluarga terchenta!..hehe... Got an MC on the Monday for not feeling well. Went out dating with Dude in the afternoon then stop dekat rumah jap ambik alang n afiq and brought them to OU to watch ngangkung. Afiq loved it so much, so worth it i guess (though I closed my eyes everytime hantu2 muncul - even crite lawak, mekap hantu2 tersebut tetap mengerikan ok..)..

And today (Wednesday), i'm back at work, trying hard to fill in the Penilaian Prestasi Form. Naseb baik ade Mizah yg dah siap, so senang tiru2 mane yg same...huhu... 

Ok, tak tahan dah...dari tadi tahan utk ke later!! ;p