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Friday, 25 July 2008

Oh Bakso ku~ sob sob sob

"Failure doesn't mean you are a failure... it just means you haven't succeeded yet". ~Robert Schuller


My first attempt buat bakso - I failed... uwaaaa...sangat sedey...

The taste of the soup was fine, but the meatballs, 1)for some reasons, they just didnt want to stick and ended up not being a meatball but more like floating debris and 2) the taste of the floating debris themselves, didn't taste like meat at all, but more like corn flour (coz letak byk corn flour le psl)..adoii..

It started in compuer lab when I was staring at the comp too lazy to think about the stat programme, and suddenly, I was thinking about my fav bakso I ate in Arena Jusco OU and so I searched for the recipe (that was what i did in the comp lab - other than doing some personality tests - and so, not finishing my work..hohoh) from mesra resipi and dgn saliva yg terkumpul dlm mulut, started la buat bakso sebaik saje smpi umah. Sedeynye tak jadi!!!

Nak makan Bakso Arena!!!!!! :(


daju said...

what is bakso?
nevermind, boleh try lagi..
in States, i slalu main masak2 ngn rommate..slalu jgak xjadi..
abes satu packet tepung kdg2..haha

nadot83 said...

bakso, indonesian traditional food. basically macam mi/mihun sup, tp minced beef or chicken dijadikn ball yg sedap. itu le yg i x jd tu..kecewe gile...huhuhu...

tu le..dok sini mane ade hiburan sgt, so, same la, suke main masak2 dgn hsemate..lg pun dok jauh ni la baru nak start memasak..mmg main2 all out betul la bakat yg lame terpendam tu..hohohoho...