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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

First post for July (and maybe the last..huhu)

Waahhh.... lamenye tidak menulis!!...huhuhu...But couldn't let july pass without at least a post,so here goes my first and maybe the last blog for July!...hoho...

Hurm...not sure where to start as many things had happened since my last post. Start dgn my jalan-jalan carik jantan la..silap..carik pasal..hohoho... 2 weeks after we went to Ireland, K linda, Cidud n I went to Paris for 4 days, then the next 2 weeks, Alang came and visit me from Russia before heading back to Malaysia for her summer break and while she was here, we (together with K linda) went to Essex and London visiting Farid n fifi, and then headed back up to York and next to Preston where along took us to Liverpool, Blackpool, and Manchester (again...huhu). And in this 5 days trip, we managed to go to all Top 4 Clubs of EPL stadiums, Old trafford, Anfield, Emirates, and Stamfordbridge...huhuhu...

We might go on another trip in August to places in Scotland and north England, but that hasn't been carefully planned yet as it depends on my dissertation progress which does not seems to show any progress at all. I'm suppose to be busy with writing up my dissertation as I have less than a month to submit, but, being my-lazy-ass-self, I've written 200 words out of 10 000 words. Yes, I'm worry but there's nothing I can do when I don't seem to have ideas on how to start and what to write. So, I just wasting my time watching Taiwanese Drama Ying Ye 3+1and reading my novels which I can't seem to stop buying from

I hope I could get in the mood ASAP and could submit my thesis earlier than we supposed to. Do wish me luck guys. ..huhu.. Later!


nadia said...

dot dot dot.
i wish u luck in finishing your writing.i know it is not that easy, and it is not something fun.but you have to work on it asap. like i said before, 1 ayat pun jadi la.good luck dot!
p/s tadi baru beli buku p/s i love u :P
dot, belanja ahh org buku satu kalu beli buku kat amazon.hehehe
take care :)

daju said...

good luck finishing your thesis..nice blog..
sukela bace ur posts =)

nadot83 said...

K Nadia...thanks byk2..ari ni dpt buat 5 ayat...gile ar hebat nadot ni...hohoho..(im dead)..huhu...
ape?..akak nk blnje sy buku??...hehehehe

Hi Daju!
Thanks byk2 for your good luck wish and for reading my posts! hihi...(*wink*)

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