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Thursday, 24 July 2008

~Obviously the previous post wasn't my last post for July..hoho

OK, currently it's 5.11 am in the morning and I haven't been able to sleep at all since yesterday. My eyes are as fresh as the morning dew and my brain can't seems to stop working like a workaholic (sgt bertentangan dgn tuan punye otak..huhu). The reason why (i think) : I drank nescafe yesterday morning for my breakfast. You know, with all the caffeine and this and that. I'm not a coffeeholic and in fact i rarely drink them except if i wanted to stay awake during classes which was more or less the same case as yesterday (to cut story short:need to go to comp lab everyday now-can't do anything at home-but felt sleepy everytime I sat in front of the computer in the lab-resulting in me drinking nescafe-which in the end causing me to lost my sleep).

Was thinking to take a pill of antihistamine but I knew i won't be able to wake up until past 5pm if i did.huhu.So, will keep trying to sleep after writing this post for at least 5 hours as I need to wake up at around 11 before going to computer lab.

"Dear my damn-beautiful-eyes and my smarty-ass-brain, could we just, sleep?!?"

-5.33 am-