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Saturday, 26 July 2008

~Another attempt and ehem.. I did it!!hoho

"In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time". ~Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book


I'm proud of myself!!!!...hoho

Yesterday (the next day after my 1st attempt of buat meatballs utk bakso), I've made another attempt of constructing the perfect meatballs for my bakso (perfect as in they'll stay in the ball shape rather that break into debris and taste a bit better than just , flour!?!), and now, I'm proudly announce, I've made it (with some alterations here and there to the size of the ingredients)!!!...

Yep, the taste wasn't at all near the same as my fav bakso in Arena OU, but at least they looked like a meatballs and they tasted like meat (not like plain flour as b4) and they were definitely edible even they weren't that good but again, they were definitely edible!!..huhuhu..

I wish I have the same kind of persistence in doing my dissertation, which I don't... *sigh*

:( later!!


mummy rania said...

kate last post for july hari tu? ni dah 3rd dah wei. huhuh

xpenah mkn bakso.... :(

nadot83 said...


tu le psl....dah tulis skali, rase mcm nk tulis lg...hohoho

mkn kat arena yah...aku ske...hehehe

raye nnt ko buatkn aku laksa kelntn eh...mekaseh.. hohoho

nadia said...

sedapnye bakso!!!! nanti nadot watkan untuk org ekk hehehe (ayat tiru)

nadot83 said...

nnt balik msia nadot lupe dah le nk buat mcm ne kak....
ni sume skill kat sini je...hoho