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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Why??!! Why??!!


This is a very emotional post and a personal view of the author. Comments that oppose the view of the author will be deleted. Comments from those who hold the same view as the author and as emotional as the author are welcome!..hohohoho


You can say whatever you want to say. You can say that I'm being unrealistic, or childish, or even emotional. But, I really hate the ending of Sindarela! You see, I'm a suc*er for and-they-live-happily-ever-after type of ending, and the original Disney Cinderella ended her story that way. So why did the Malaysia Sindarela has to end the other way round?

Okay, in reality, I wouldn't have chose Tengku Husin myself. How could I choose a man who could say those spiteful words towards me in front of his ex and didn't contact me at all to apologize even when he felt guilty. I'm not going to choose a coward. However, that is reality and reality is everywhere around me. If I want a reality, I wouldn't waste my time waiting for Sindarela being uploaded in I'm real. People around me are real. The news in the newspaper are real. I had enough of reality. Could I taste a bit of fantasy by watching drama series which title is the same as one of the greatest love stories ever (Cinderella..hehehe)?

I'm not really into tv or movie etc.I'd rather sit on my bed reading novels than watching drama series or movies or etc. So, I'm very selective in choosing what to watch and usually, I'll go with stuffs that could make me laughed and happy. Yes, Sindarela did make me happy and laughed for the first 25 episodes, but in the 26th, why did Zoela not being together with Husin??!?

Enuf said! :)


mummy rania said...

u are a BIG suc*ker for a happy ending. but again. who doesn't? *wink*

daju said...

hey the ending wasnt that bad la. at least zoe is not with haidar either. if dengan haidar lg xbest. although i've always wanted zoe with husin, but to have the story end like what ezad had decided to end is something different. and i think sometimes we need a little bit of twist in malay drama.

p/s: love the zoe & haidar's scene after the kenduri. =)

nadot83 said...

hihi yah..betul..betul...hoho

hi daju... :)
yup yup..i agree that the ending wasn't that bad, and different from other malay dramas...

but seriously, i only watch or read happy ending stuffs... I won't ever watch movies/dramas or read novels which I knew the ending will not be like a normal happy ending...

and i was hoping and really thought that sindarela's ending will be the usual and-they-lived-happily-ever-after kind of ending....

and it hurts watching my hope shattered just like that ... was only a drama...but as you may already knew, I'm very very emotional... pathetic am i? (yes, i am)...hohoho.... ;)