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Friday, 15 February 2008


I was sick a few days ago. Had headache, muscle ache, fever and sore throat. All those sickness are now gone except sore throat. I hate it! Urgghh.. But Kak Linda likes it. huhu.. Because she can do all the screaming and singing alone in the house without any other competitors. hohoho.

Guess i was sick because my Afiq was sick too at home. huhuhu. I miss him. I know he doesn't . He might not know what 'miss' is. The thought of him growing up makes my heart ache terribly. Wish I could stop the time so when i get back to Malaysia, he is still the same ol' Afiq whom I could cuddle with, cud play wrestling with etc. sob..sob..

Yep. I'm talking crap. And i blame my sickness for it. huhuhu..Later!