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Monday, 6 July 2009

After 10 months, where's my momentum??..huhu

It has been so long since last kuar2 lepak2 smpi pagi. Before pegi wat master, since 1st yr, I considered myself a night person. Siang membuta, mlm lepak ke pagi. gi maple dgn kwn2, burak2 etc. Lps balik bljr which was almost 10 months ago, still x jmpe lg mood nak melepak-lepak lame2. rase mcm penat sgt. Balik keje, nk dok umah je jmpe mak... kalau lmbat pun, gi OU mkn2, then b4 8 dh smpi umah...

Dulu, I was always the one to initiate any meeting or reunion among us friends, or the one who assisted pnut in calling friends to meet or etc. I was also always talking on the phone, calling friends saje2 gayut sbb boring.

Tapi sekarang, i was the one who withdraw from the crowd. Jd mcm katak bwh tempurung. It's not that I don't want to be the active person anymore, but i can't seem to find my momentum just yet as if all my energies have been absorbed by the land of the scots. I just want to go home and sit on my bed with the laptop or with books in my hand or just talking to my mom.I feel tired easily nowadays (is it because I gain extra 10 kg since I came back to Msia?..huhu)

Anyway, yesterday, after few days of promises to meet, I finally met Emmy (juju). We were out since 10.30 and lepak at norsya until 2 am. Quite a long time since I last lepaking smpi pagi. It felt great to finally be able to leave my comfortable bed and room, altho it resulted in me waking up at almost 1 pm in the afternoon.

I seriously hope I'll be getting my momentum any time soon and enjoy my live as I usually did b4 I flew to UK. I miss my friends and miss the feeling of lepaking until morning. But, I can't help thinking, that maybe, I've changed. Maybe this is what I am now. maybe I don't like to lepak2 dah. But I do hope those are not the reasons cause they made me feel 100 years older.

haishhh.. :(


naem said...

nadot..juju dah balik ke?? dah abes dah die? nak phone num die ade x?

nadot83 said...

juju balik kejap....on the 19th kot dia balik sane balik utk prepare for the graduation..not sure for how long, then dia akan balik la lps grad..fon number dia 0193834908. tp henset dia bengong, so kdg dpt kdg x dpt...huhuhu

kakteh said...

tambah 10kg??br taw.. hoho~
mmg da tua pon.. byk2 la beramal.. ekeke~

peenut said...

kamon dot
kau rakan kembara aku..takleh mls camtuh
zila cam da senyap
kau je la harapan

shida cute said...

ye la dot..pls la tlg arrange..poase coming soon ni..bole wat gather2..dis time with laki,tunang,bf or anak2..or bole je arrange for ladies only..i like!!