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Thursday, 7 October 2010

When happy and sad collide..huhuhu

Firstly, congratz to my bebi, Amal krn berjaye melahirkan baby Yasmina on the 1st of October 2010. I am still very happy for you, siyesly. 

On the same day, after Isya', my cousin was officially menjadi seorg isteri. tahniah juga. 
The next day, which was on the 2nd October 2010 (Saturday), hari yg sama my cousin held her reception in Beranang, one of my beloved aunt passed away due to dengue fever.

She passed away in the morning in temerloh hospital but was burried in her village at Kuala Pilah after Asar. We (dude, emak n I) stopped by kak ita's reception, having our lunch there, then went straight away to Kuala Pilah. Luckily, sempat tengok makteh dikafankan and was able to kiss her for one last time. pakteh (adik mak) looked very sad and my heart fell for him and their children. hazwan, the eldest son, who is only in form 4, pitam masa sembahyang jenazah. Most of the women couldn't helped from shedding a tear or two watching him being carried ke tengah rumah. Later, pakteh told mak hazwan pun ada dengue tp sbb cepat, so he was just admitted for a couple of days in hospital seremban. As for Wani, the 2nd child, the youngest and the only daughter nampak sangat tabah though of course she cried occasionally but siyesly nampak sgt tabah.

Adik beradik mak dengan Wan Tampin ada 6 orang. Maklong and PakCu dah meninggal. & dengan adik2 lain sbb dah ade life masing2 tak berapa close except for pakteh & arwah makteh. Diorang sangat baik dan sgt tidak lokek & slalu bawak buah tgn yg sgt byk bila dtg rumah. They know how much i like udang galah, so slalu la mase musim udang, sgt byk pakteh bawak. Even sdare mara Beranang (belah ayah) pun dah baik n rapat dengan diorg. Kalau duit raya pulak, diorg la slalu bagi paling banyak i.e RM50-RM100 mcm tu..mase tak bekerja lg la...huhu

Alhamdulilliah, masa jumpa hari ketiga raya baru2 ni, sempat jugak bagi makteh duit raya walaupun x banyak mana, but at least i could show her how grateful i am to all the things she and pakteh dah bg to my family & I. 
Sangat berharap pakteh, hazwan & wani sgt tabah n kuat living without makteh though i really couldn't imagine how.
mak teh, i'll be missing you seriously. Dan angah doakan semoga makteh ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang beriman. Al-Fatihah..


Ad_beSh said...

sedeh jugak... :'(