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Friday, 20 May 2011

Will be continue....Later

Seriously not in the mood to write though i have many stories to share...  E.g:

  • Like my visit to Hospital Selayang under FPP scheme for my 31/32 weeks check up..
  • My konon house-warming party after being coaxed by Shidah but eventually she didn't / couldn't come.. ;p
  • My Baby Shower party recently on Wesak Day organized by my superb friends for me and Dian..
  • On the tazkirah this morning tentang kenapa 'doa tidak dimakbulkan' by Ustaz Ali B Sarbini from JAKIM.
Dan banyak la lagi yg trase nak post but didn't have the mood to write yet... Again, like people care la kan?..hoho

So, happy Friday and Happy Weekend all..May you have a great one! Later ~