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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Finally, Nawfal boleh tidur =)

My first post for 2012, and this happened like 15 mins ago around 4.15 am.

Nawfal woke up merengek2, i held him, still x tenang, so agaknye dia nak cherry berry (kami anak branak telah/sdg dijangkiti rotavirus or spupu spapat virus trsebut).

Tepat tekaan sy bile sy rase basah di tgn.. Cirbir sgt byk n tembus suar nawfal n kene my suar juge..

So, i washed him up, pakai pampers etc n letak dia kat tmpt tido berselimut bagai, n sepjg mase tu nawfal diam je n merengek sket je (ngantuk).

Then for about 5 mins, kemaskan pampers nawfal - balut srt khbr etc, tkr suar, basuh tgn, n sepjg mase tu nawfal tgk je mommy ke hulu ke hilir dr tmpt tido dia...

Dah settle semua, baring sebelah nawfal, nawfal pandang mommy, senyum, then tutup mata tido..

And that made my eyes filled with tears. I know it might only just a kebetulan, but i cant help thinking as if he was waiting for me to lie next to him then only he can sleep. As if he needed me close to assure him that everything's ok n he can finally go to sleep, peacefully..

Nawfal, mommy loves u.. Sangat!