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Sunday, 24 September 2006

Dah maapkan dah..huhu

" You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well" - Lewis B. Smedes


Okay...I already forgave 'that someone' from my previous blog. We're cool. I guess..haha...And i made that someone promise never to lie to me again...But deep in my heart, i know, that someone will do it again....and this process of being hurt and forgive will start all over again for until-God-knows how many times...

I know forgiveness is a good thing, but sometimes i think i forgive too easily and in the end, i know i will hurt again....huhuhu..

Today is the 1st day of Ramadhan. The time is 1330 and i just woke up half an hour ago..hohoho...At 1415, I have to go to UM to see my lecturer..(bayangkan hari Ahad gi UM jmpe lecturer)....Actually she's on her sabbatical in Singapore, therefore, i only can see her on weekend when she get back to Malaysia.

Okayla..nak mandi...get ready to bukak pose..silap..get ready to see my lecturer...huhuhu...papai...


Lily said...

dah agak dah..nadot bukannye bley marah orang lame2..hehe