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Saturday, 14 October 2006

Bukak poser 2006

" Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity" - Kahlil Gibran


As usual, dalam bulan pose mesti kitorg (bdk2 'puteri' smakl batch aku) akan wat small reunion utk bukak pose...and for this year, i was the organizer..huhu..

It was held on 7th October 2006 in Seoul Bulgogi, Plaza Pantai. At first i was afraid that many couldnt join bcoz of the quite expensive price. But as i called my friends, they were very supportive and by the end of the day, 21 girls were agreed to join the reunion.

Then suddenly, i was thinking to spice the reunion a lil and i called kamarul and aizat to invite some of our 'putera' smaklian (1st time in our bukak pose history since we left school, we invited the putera). And they did a very good job - 13 guys agreed to join us.

I called the Seoul manager (Desmond) to book the place for 34 people and tried to persuade him to reduce the price (the exact price with tax w/out drinks - rm36.70). After a lot of persuading, negotiating, sweet talk (huhu), he agreed to give us 4 pax free and half price for the drinks (i nvr thought i'm a good 'negotiator'...hihi).

So, on the 7th, at 7.30 pm (after mgrb of course) we met at Seoul Bulgogi. One thing that made me proud was the presence of ex-smaklians yg kuar SMAKL after form 3 & bertahun-tahun x jumpa - nayot, dian & saleh.

Anyway, the night was really really fun. Felt like i was transported back to 6-7 yrs ago when i was still a student of SMAKL. All my friends change a bit, of course, but the feelings were the same.

While we were eating, Yah suruh aku tgk dari hujung meje sini ke hujung meje sane. Tak phm gak ape signifikan Yah suruh wat mcm tuh, the she said "Look at all the faces, they are really enjoying themselves. Congrats". And i did feel like the happiest person there...huhu

With 34 people coming, of course we havent had much time to talk to each and everyone there. But we did say hi and exchange story for a few minutes before we moved to talk to another friend. Nevertheless, the night was a success to me. Everyone mingled around well even the guys which i never spoke to in school pun, bley masuk je.

Again, i would like to thank all my friends yg dpt dtg join bukak pose itu hari. To Yah, faisz, sare, zeila, shidah, sue, dian, pnut, amal, dawat, mau, fura, ros, pj, farid, izza, nayot, mashit, raie, bai, aizat, saleh, zul, anas, kamarul, imran, mazdan, azrul hakimi, azrul effendi, usop, alonge, aie n uzain, korang mmg the best..hehehehe.. (sbb korg join korg the best la...kalo x join, tak de nye korg best...hua hua hua..)

Hope we get to this every year. May Allah bless us..

P/s:Pnut, ko amik la balik tampuk pemerintahan. Aku nk jadi timbalan je la mcm biase...huhu...

"Sekolah Menengah Agama Kuala Lumpur, Mercu tanda jaya anak bangsa                                  Punya wawasan tinggi dan mulia, ilmu beramal dan berjasa.

Sekolah Menengah Agama Kuala Lumpur, Budaya Cemerlang Akhlak Gemilang,                        Guru tercinta teladan mulia, Pelajar gigih dan berjaya.

Sekolahku, kaula pelita, penyuluh kegelapan dunia,                                                           Sekolahku, kau amat berjasa, melahirkan pejuang agama, satria negara"


-broken angel- said...

tak dpt join la....hampeh btul...kalau ko sound awal2 maybe aku leh pegi....ape2 hal pun ko buat open house kang jgn lupe jemput aku...

Nadot said...

alar...x sure wat ke x open kalo aku x wat pun, dtg e la beraye..ape la..x kan nk tggu open house je br nk dtg..

-broken angel- said...

ceh....nama pun open house...wakakakakaka....

Nadot said... pun raye ek..

a L i said...

ahhh.. tatau pun?! huwaaa... kau kijam! :D

Nadot said...

sori ali..kitorg x wat bsesar-bsran.utk laki aku suruh iazat rosedi n kamarul carikn, aku tatau ape2..jgn la marah..huhu