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Thursday, 13 December 2007


"Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer" - Charles Caleb Colton



It is about 7.50 pm here in Scotland. About 18 more hours to my last exam paper for this semester and yet, i'm still stuck in front of the laptop surfing and doing nothing in particular. huhu.

I did badly on my first paper 4 the exam. I'm worried like hell that i
might fail that paper. Seriously, I'm worried. I was planning to email
my program director yesterday to ask her if there's anything i can do
if i fail the paper. Punye la sampai mcm tu skali aku takut...serius
risau... But i did not email her sbb mcm extreme gile je baru habis
paper tu 3 hari dah nk ngade2 emel lecturer.huhu.. Tolong ek kawan2,
doakan aku lulus...

Tomorrow open book exam - STATISTIC!! Yang maksudnye kalau open book
ke, tak open book ke, same je tak leh jawab gak...hahaha.. I'm dead!!

Snow has started to fall - first time in this winter for a few hours last saturday (8th December 2007). So, u can imagine how cold it is and believe me, 10 layers of fats (like i have) won't help you in this time of year. U still need to wear extra clothes and with this extra fats I naturally (serius natural..hihi) have, I look like bola yang sangat besar. Nasib baik comel je la..huhu

Next week, Farid ( beliau adalah seorg perempuan - kawan SMAKL) n her friend akan dtg edinburgh. My along's fiance pun akan dtg sekali with her 2 friends. Pandai2 la tido berhimpit2 kat rumah aku yg sempit ni..huhu..

3 weeks Christmas break is not really a break for me. Have 2 assignments 2 submit naik cuti early of Jan nnt. yeay!! padan muke...huhu..

But still, lepas exam ni, dah plan nak gi main bowling, ice skating n tgk movie (tah bile tah). Then maybe on Monday nak ke Livingston Designer Outlet Store utk shopping (setelah sekian lame tak shopping)...Then habiskan 4 buah buku criter yg dah diorder dari Amazon.

Not really sure where to squeeze in my 2 assignments in my hectic schedule that I have planned above..hihihi...

Okay..Cahaye keinsafan dah sampai. Nak kene usha2 my stat notes. Doakan aku! Later!!