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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hidup di bumi Scotland~..hihihi

"For everything you have missed, you hae gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else" ~  Ralph Waldo Emersen (American poet,lecturer)


Yay!..gile lame tak update..gile malas nak update pun sbnrnye...hihi

My last entry was on the dilemma in choosing the best university nak wat master. And sekarang dah pilih n selamat sampai dah n selamat hidup for 2 months dah kat Edinburgh nih. huhuhu...

It's quite unbelievable for me to have survive this 2 months in Edinburgh without being chronically homesick.huhu.. I always thought before I came here that i will feel depress all the time as I have never been away from KL and family for more than a week (yes, saye sangat mengade-ngade). And seriously, i was so scared that i won't be able to concentrate on my studies and cant enjoy life as much as I used to back in Malaysia.

However now, I'm grateful I was wrong. Not because I'm able to concentrate on my studies which is so-not-true and also not because I'm enjoying my life as much as i enjoyed my life back in KL...but because I'm not as homesick as i thought i would be!
I just can't concentrate on my studies because i
have trouble concentrating on anything since i was born (hehehehe) and I can't
enjoy my life as i used to because of financial constraint..huhuhu

But still, i miss home so much. I miss my family and friends. I miss Only Mee, Yoshinoya, Sushi King & Genki Sushi, TGV OU and GSC, One Utama, Jaya Jusco, Arena OU, WNG 9709 etc.. I miss hanging out at mamak till 2 in the morning with Yah, Emmy etc. I miss talking on the phone for hours without having to think of the bill (tunggu kene marah je dgn ayah), I miss my mom's cook ( sebenarnye sbb aku x yah masak kat umah), I miss the weather (kadang2 je...huhu), I miss shopping, I miss my book collection, I miss Conan, Pakar Judo & Penyiasat Remaja comics, I miss playing n wrestling with Afiq, pendek kate, I miss Malaysia la...

Tapi nasib baik, life in Edinburgh is much better than I've expected. I have great flatmates (Kak Linda and Baity - thank you so much 4 being able to put up with me..yep, i know it's hard..but u guys,thanks again..huhuhu), halal groceries stores are just around the corner..huhu, Kedai Ah Seng dpn rumah je, Malaysians ramai and they are all very nice and helpful (serius bukan ayat bodek...hiihihi), along is just 4 hours away (at least I have family here compare to others yg takde sape), I got to learn how to cook and it turned out, I'm not bad at all and i'm naturally a good cook...hehehe..(masuk lif tekan sndiri), I learned to wash my own clothes (maksudnye belajar care menggunakan washing machine), I am now able to control my expenses (basically becoz I have no money to spend..huhu), I finally got the chance naik public bus yg dah berkurun lame tak naik since I got my license right after spm (becoz I have no car..sedey) and byk lg la benefits tinggal kat bumi Edinburgh nih..hihihi...

10 more months to go, and I know...I'll survive...Amiinnn.

Lots of love from Edinburgh,



Lily Azura said...

You..will. don't worry!! Boring2 come babysit farisya hahahaha

Nadia said...

that's great.nadot dah berdikari skang :) nanti balik sini kita makan yoshinoya ye :P