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Friday, 20 April 2007


Alhamdulillah...dah dapat offer from all three uni yg aku apply. One in Northern Ireland, one in Scotland and one in England. So, currently waiting for the Head of Biology Programme in UiTM to decide which uni is better.

But, kalau according to the ranking, the uni in Scotland is one of the best uni in the world and the modules pun teratur sket. Tapi program dekat Exeter (England) mcm seronok gak even maybe akan ade kelam-kabut sket...huhu...

Neway, doakan aku yer kwn2....I'll post again later...tata


Fura - hush said...

nadot, 1st time akue bace blog ko niee...hmm, xde token pape ker schweet to read all of em la dot... esp part ko bjiwang... nway, gudluck 4 ur future undertakings kay... doakan ko selamat pegi selamat blk nnti... muahhh.. take care sista!