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Sunday, 1 June 2008

I'm in Galway, Ireland!!!!!!!

Hi Guysss!!!!!!!!!!! It's my 2nd day here in Galway, Ireland. The weather was nice and very sunny today. We walked from Mira's place which is quite near the centre all the way to Salthill which is 30-40 mins walking distance, taking pictures along the way. Not going to go into details about it as I have to sleep and get up early tomorrow to prepare some foods for our one day trip tomorrow to some places near Galway.

And around midnight, Kak Linda and I have to get ready to take our bus back to Dublin Airport at 1.15 am and will fly back to Edinburgh at 6.30 am and arrives at 7.40 am.

Anyway, I'm feeling kinda useless and hopeless right now (Nothing to do with this trip). Two things are bugging my mind which i'm not in the mood to share as they are not very important, really. For one thing, I hope that God shows me the way and hope it ends well whatever the ending is. And for the 2nd thing, I'm sad and annoyed with myself for butting in other people's problem at the first place and in the end just getting myself dissapointed as I couldn't really do anything about it.

I'm getting my sleep now. Enuff said...


anot said...

"butting in other people’s problem at the first place and in the end just getting myself dissapointed as I couldn’t really do anything about it."

having the exactly smae prob here..*haih~

nadot83 said...

Anot suke ikut problem akak la...hehehe
Kite kene try jgn bz body le kot eh?...sedeynye...
tp bkn bz body pun... kite care je sbb kwn kite kan? huhu ... haish... :(