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Monday, 9 June 2008

~Her story - Part 5 dah?~..huhuhu

"The road leading to a goal does not separate you from the destination; it is essentially a part of it." ~Charles DeLint


The bus was approaching. She stood and waited for the bus to stop. The bus stopped right in front of her and opened its door. "Hi!", greeted the driver. She smiled politely and swiped her card on the card-swiping-machine (whatever it was called) and took her sit next to the window. The bus began its journey to the city.

It was warm and sunny outside. But she liked the weather very much. It wasn't as hot as her own country. For her, the weather was perfect. The weather itself made her smile (provided nothing happened that could change her mood). And she knew, mid spring to summer was her favourite weather here in Edinburgh and she will miss it so much once she's back in Malaysia.

From inside the bus, she looked at the outside world as if she was seeing from a giant screen cinema. The world was really like a big massive stage she thought. While the bus stopped at the red light, she saw an elderly couple in their 70s or 80s walking hand in hand on the busy pedestrian sidewalk, oblivious to the rest of the world. The scene reminded her to a conversation she had with a friend. She told that friend that she really hope that she and her husband (whoever he might be) will still be holding hand walking together no matter how old they are, as long as they are still alive. Being a typical malay guy friend, she was laughed at. She was told that she was a hopeless romantic and that wasn't likely to happen. But she didn't care. She said that was what she wanted and that was what she would do. She smiled to herself again.

The bus kept on moving and was almost approaching the city. And she kept on watching and observing the world as if she was watching a life performance on a theater stage. All the scenes that she saw made her smile. "Do these people realize that they are being watched?", she thought to herself. "Obviously not", she answered her question herself with another smile.

The bus finally approaching Princes St. She pressed the bell and the bus stopped at the next stop. She get off the bus and crossed the road to another bus stop where she need to take another bus to go home.

And that was how she pictured life as. Some people reached their destination or goal easily and some have to work hard and try different ways to make it. And in the end, is not whether you achieved your goal or not, but the effort you put in, that's what really matters. Just as long as you do your best, just be rest assured that God will take care of the rest.

The last bus to take her home was approaching. And for the umpteenth times that day, she smiled again... :)


zex said...

"...“Hi!”, greeted the driver. She smiled politely and swiped her card ...."

hmm.. sure u do the smile politely? i'm doubt bout it.. muahahaha.. just gurau2 je, jgn amik ht ek.. hehehe

Great story anyway, keep on writing... ;)

p/s: patut komen part yg tngh2 tu, tp tak best, so komen part ni la.. hohoho

mummy rania said...

nadot naik bas...


kat mesia jgn harap!

nadot83 said...

Zex.... aku sangat ambik hati...tau aku x sepolite ko... ye la..aku kan rude...huhuhu

Kalau perkhidmatan bus kat malaysia mcm kat Edinburgh, aku mmg takkan naik krete dah untuk save kan duit..huhuhu

dude said...

Hmm...the wish that any1 would want is not impossible by the human eyes but it is of what we do to get it in the end that determines either we achieve it or not = ok jer nak hold ur hand till the rest of my life..missing u lots

"It is not who I am that defines me, it is what I do", Batman Begins

nadot83 said...

sure awk leh hold my hands smpi bile2??...mcm x yakin je... hohohoho....

mekaseh awak.... ;)