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Thursday, 20 May 2010


"Insecurity prevents young artists from 'flying' and older artists from being 'down to earth.' Young artists should work on their confidence and the older ones on their humility" - Igor Babailov


Word of the week is INSECURE... 2-3 kali muncul dlm perbualan kitorg di opis......

Seriously, I've met a lot of people who are insecure of themselves. I myself used to be insecure and still do in some aspects of my life..

People deal with this insecurity differently,  some just shut up about it and try to ignore it, some withdraw from others and prefer to be alone, and some (which is the type i hate most),  put other people down and think negatively about others as if they are the  greatest just because they want to feel better about themselves...

These type (the putting-others-down-type) of people (on my observation - I didn't take 'animal behaviour' course for nothing..hihi), are usually those who are actually have the package i.e good looking (far from being ugly), good job, nice family etc, but they just don't feel enough and easily intimidated by others & have high level of unsatisfactory towards everything even on the simplest and not really important things.

Insecure is totally different from simply being proud, vain or arrogant (naturally), but the feeling of insecurity can lead them to become proud/vain/arrogant/ etc..etc..etc.. They won't realize that some might get hurt by the things they do or say..Ini pun agak berbeza dari mengumpat yang biasa2 tu... ini, bende yg tak sepatutnye diumpatkan akan jadi isu utk org2 mcm ni..

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, I have my own insecurity and i believe most of us do feel insecure in certain things...but, try to control and choose the 1st way to deal with it which is 'shut up and ignore the feeling' rather than 'putting others down'...

And another way, is try not to be too close with those who are extremely insecure. When you are surrounded by negative people, you'll become even more negative than they are...and it will usually lead to two things

  1. You'll start to put others down, talk bad about other people (uncontrollably) etc etc...OR

  2. You will lose your self-confidence, always think bad about yourself, and this will eventually 'memakan diri sendiri' until you feel you're not worth a penny....

So, surround yourself with positive-minded people, those who are always happy and could laugh WITH u (not laugh AT u..), those who appreciate themselves and people around them and understand that nobody's perfect..

Later! :)


izza said...

typical gomen staff behaviour! so sick of them..
academic staff pun perangai kalah org tak abis skola.. sigh~

nadot83 said...

tu le psl izza....i tot being around academician sgt best, ye la, sume bijak tu la...kalo mmg hati hitam, wat mcm ne, ke sbb melayu?.. (mendeny kan dlm hati..takkanlah..hihi)

ape pun, this post adalah bukan hanye utk kite gomen servant n academician (a part of it, yess), tp to all, malay especially....(sbb kite byk mix dgn diorg je pun) huhuhuhu