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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Nape saye bertukar blog?

Why did I moved my blog from wordpress to blogger?..

It started when i was still using friendster blog and thought of moving to a 'serious' blog which serves mainly as a blog (unlike friendster yg more to networking/carik kawan punye site).. 

So, the main criteria i was looking for, i should be able to export all my posts from the friendster blog into the new one, and unfortunately, blogger couldn't do it at the time, so i chose wordpress instead.
The thing is with the free wordpress, we couldn't install any plugins like shoutbox etc and we're stucked with the only 80-100 themes. Agak limited lah. But because of the limitation, it's kinda easy to use and looks more organize and structured.

Then, jalan2 in the net, googling, found out that blogspot dah boleh import posts from other blogs using an external apps. So, sebab bosan semlm, i decided to moved my blog there n then. So here it is, my new blog with all my old entries since i started blogging in 2005.

The reason why i wanted to keep all the posts since 2005 is because i'm a 'memories-clinger'.hohoho. I rarely let go of things. Some people, would just delete all the post that they find stupid or embarrassing, but i like to read them back and laugh and remind myself that at a certain point i can be an embarrassment to myself and do stupid things and try hard not to do it again. I also love to see how far i've go for e.g by comparing my first post in 2005 when i planned to do my master and 3 years later in 2008, i already have a master (like a 2005-dream came true! hehe) 

 Anyway, welcome to my new blog. Nothing will change except the address...and my mood..hehe.. nak wat keje..

Later peeps!! ;)