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Monday, 27 September 2010

Raya 2010

Almost everyday I thought of updating this blog, but the power of laziness is not that easy to defeat. I am still not in the mood to write, but to not let this blog being idle for too long, i will try to write sepatah dua kata..hohoho
First time raya dengan status ‘berkahwin’ adalah not too bad at all. In fact, i almost like it too much..hehe. As usual, we fought a lot (dude caused the fight (of course), though  i was the one who did all the screaming, and dude just sit in front of me like a mannequin), so sesi bermaafan pun started dari bulan pose lagi (x dan tggu raye..hoho).. he helped me baked the three types of cookies i made myself, we shopped at jln TAR until 2 am with my brother and sisters few days before raya, we bought a set of sofa and a bed because the sofa and the bed were broken (sile jgn salahkan saya…sofa & katil b4 tu tak berkualiti, tu cpt patah..haiishh..hoho).. he treated me at cititel mid valley for buka puasa during my birthday, then, we fought again and again and again.. haiishh.. love u AWK!.. =)

Nway, a little sad though for not being able to celebrate the first raya with my family. but being with dude and my in law family made my 1st raya in Johor interesting and enjoyable, though i missed N9 rendang very much (rendang johor tak pedas…hehehe, tp sedap gak..btul btul, bkn utk amik hati..hehe)…

2nd day raya around 9am dah bertolak ke bangi beraya dengan sdare mare lak kat umah wan alang dll..
ok..mood dah takde balik..sile wat keje plak ye Nadot…
Later! ;)


honey bedazzled said...

cik nadot, marilah memberikan saya adress anda, mau ke kenduri kahwin saya? mrilah marilah timacih

Nadot said...

waaahh..tahniah tahniah.. mau kawin sudah ye...hehe
kalo mahu anta kad, leh anta ke 16,Jalan 18/62, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong 52200, KL..

Tapi kalau nani upload kat blog nani pun xpe je, nnt org tgk kat situ..

Hope all the preparation goes well n majlis berjln lancar.. & smoge kekal bahagia sampai akhir hayat k.. Good luck! =)