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Friday, 19 September 2008

I'm home!!!!!!!!!~

With all those exclamation marks on the title, sounds like i'm very excited and happy to be back in Malaysia. But honestly, not that excited, and not that happy...hehehehe... But still, I'm glad I'm home.. ;)

I arrived in KLIA on the 12th of Sept at 5.15 pm. Sorry for not updating this blog earlier. I left my laptop's power adaptor in Edin and waiting for it to be delivered (Thanks so much K Linda..hihi). So, for the time being, I'm using our old PC which is very lembab & membantutkan selere untuk online everyday. ..huhu..Still having problem with my sleeping pattern and feel tired all the time. Wish that I could sleep for 72 hours straight non-stop (no, I don't want to be in coma, I just want to sleep..huhu)..

Already reported my arrival at UiTM. Not sure when I'll start working because my head of programme is on her break until today but hoping it will be after raya ...huhu

Being home, I've turned myself to my lazy-self and not really proud of it. But, with my room upstairs and the kitchen downstairs, there's nothing I could do to help..hohoho.. However, I've impressed my family and myself by making roti jala and and chicken curry yesterday (taught by K linda) .. hehehe.. wasn't bad at all.. hoho...

Guess I'll stop here..not really in the mood to write. Will update more once I get my laptop's power cords. Later!! ;)


chipmunk82 said...

Happy coming back yea..good luck for u!enjoy puas2 sebelum masuk keje hehe

daju said...

waa..if keje after raya dpt raya puas2..

so, u're lecturing is it? all the best ape2 pn..