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Friday, 26 December 2008

~Her story - part 8, rite?

"When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn't the old home you missed but your childhood". ~Sam Ewing


It was cloudy outside. And windy too. She didn't really like cloudy weather. But when it came with the wind, she felt as if she was in a magical land. You know, when your hair kinda like flying wildly by itself and you feel like you're surrounded by a dark but cool and mysterious aura, and you started to stretch out your hands (like in the titanic)....yup yup.. not making any sense at all..huh..

She unlocked her front door, went out to the old rusty swing on her porch, sat there and breathed in the not-so-fresh air. And she started to remember, walking herself down the memory lane.... (as usual)

She remembered playing in the rain on the 'grassy' side of her house (which has now gone as her parents extended their house 12 years ago). She also remembered playing on the road in front of her house with her now grown up neighbours and sometimes being the only girl playing with all those boys. The games they played changed with seasons. When they sicked of playing 'rounders', they started to play other games including  football,  'baling selipar', lompat getah, galah panjang, police and thief (pronounced as polis entry..hoho), bicycle or roller blade racing, pass baton, and some other games as well.

She also remembered when she was 12, she wasn't allowed to play football anymore by her father because according to him, she was already a big girl, so she couldn't play a boy's game. She was quite disappointed that time as she could just watched her friends played. But it didn't stop her from enjoying her life and being her mischievous-self, she still played football when her father wasn't around (he was out of town a lottt - work-related)..huhu..

The drops of rain snapped her back to reality. Once again, she looked down on the road of 18/62, and rushed inside, smiling.... :D


qalid said...

hoi..bejiwang je kejer

drp kawan ko yg sgtlah qalid

nadot83 said...

hohoo...suke hati saye la si qalid yg penyibuk...hehe..
aku tidak reti berjiwang di dpn2 org...tidak spt ko...hehehe