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Thursday, 18 December 2008

~Last goodbye...

"Ain't no headlights on the road tonight

Ain't nobody here to make it right

Cause we couldn't seem to find a way for love to stay

If you had another night to give

I would have another night to live

But you're never gonna see me cry the last goodbye"

-Last Goodbye (Atomic Kitten)


Ain't got nothing to do with my life. Dude and I are just fine. It just that, this song used to be one of my fav songs  (ingat yah?..hehe) and it has been so long since I last heard it. Found the video clip just now when I was searching my hard disc for something else. hehe...



nadia said...

waalaaa tekejut i tengok tajuk post ni. ingatkan apa la tadi :P

nadot83 said...

hehe...akak ni..igt bkn2 lak...hohoho...