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Monday, 1 June 2009


Again, not an entry to be understood... :)


“I wanted to be scared again... I wanted to feel unsure again. That's the only way I learn, the only way I feel challenged.” - Connie Chung

“I felt very unsure about this match, to be honest. I had a bad feeling about it but what matters is how I play and in the end I was very happy.” - Roger Federer


There are some things we do in life that we're unsure of i.e The decisions we made, the feeling we felt, the stuffs we bought and etc...

Different people feel unsure to different things. One person might be unsure of how she/he feels on certain situations/things but another person might be very confident and very sure of how she/he feels on more or less similar situations/things.

We usually confide in our closest friends on the things that we feel unsure of. The friends whom we entrust to tell our deepest fear,our weaknesses etc..

The sad part is, when the friend we thought understand that people are different on the 'unsure thingy', used our 'unsureness' against us, treating it like a joke, just because they are very sure on the same thing that we're unsure of and tell the whole world about it (exagerating...huhu).

Not sure of the reason. It might make the friend feel superior because at last, he/she has something to be proud of, unlike her friend who is weak for not having the confident she has. It also might be because she genuinely and innocently thinks that her friend was joking bout the 'unsureness' and so she thinks that it is a joke to share with other people. Or, simply because she doesn't understand her friend very well to know that she is actually giving out her friend's vulnerability that she's supposed to keep it to herself. Whatever the reason is,  she/he should better kept it  to her/himself just to honour the person she once called friend (if she has ever considered the friend a friend...huhu).

Just my 80 pence.. Later! :)