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Sunday, 14 June 2009

~My looong journey of sickness...huhuhu


I don't usually brag when I'm sick. Apart from I just don't like to brag, I also rarely get sick which means I have nothing to brag. So, if some of you think that I'm bragging out here, and u don't like it, feel free to leave this blog and mengumpat la di blkg nye. And for the rest, enjoy the moment of my sickness...hohoho...


As I said, I rarely get sick. The last time I remembered being sick was in Edinburgh. But it was only for one night stand..hoho. I just felt chill all of sudden in the middle of the night, and K Linda covered me with 2 thick quilts, I wore gloves and socks to sleep, and still I felt very cold (this happened in late spring or summer if i'm not mistaken). But the next day, I was ok and cud resume my normal activities.

Just like other normal people out there, I sometimes get headache, flu, diarrhea etc, but they were just a one-time-off kind of sickness and just lasted for a couple of day max.

So, when I started to get sick since last week, I did what I normally did, which was nothing..huhu...

It started with coughing and flu last week. Some of my officemates noticed the changed in my voice. One said, sengau but still sexy! (Kawan yang kate ok..bkn aku kate...aku kate kat dia "merepekla!", tapi jauh di sudut hati, aku mengakui kebenaran kate2 kwn aku itu..hohoho)....

The cough came together with phlegm. I never really knew how to bring out the phlegm, but sometimes when i felt it near my throat, I did the I-donno-how-to-explain-sound and try to push it out with my tongue and some other organs in my mouth.huhuhu. It didn't do me much good, but still better that letting all the phlegm stucked in my throat. Owh, I forgot to mention, I also had blocked nose and my hingus was yellow in colour.. eeeuuuww I know..hoho

So, since last Tuesday, my left throat started to hurt. I thought it was because the way I tried to push out the phlegm that i  accidentally wounded my throat. On Wednesday, I started to have difficulty swallowing anything be it food, drink or saliva. This affected my mood, but still tried hard to maintain, though I realized sometimes I accidentally slipped out few harsh words or put up my garang face. Hope my friends did not realize that, but if they did, I'm so sorry.huhuhu...

Fortunately, my cuti rehat for 3 days from Thursday to Monday has already been approved, so I don't have to act normal anymore.huhu. Around 7 in the morning on the next day, my mom asked me to accompany her to OU to buy Afiq's shoes, I agreed and I went back to sleep. When I woke up later at 11 am, I felt like having fever and a slight headache. I asked my Afiq to touch my forehead, he said "biase je,suam sikit je". I thought of telling my mom that I'm not going with her to OU but later changed my mind, kesian plak mak dah ajak and I love going to OU with her.

So, we went out, met Dude there and having lunch together. I ate my usual, bakso. I knew I wasn't supposed to eat spicy food as it cud hurt my throat even more, but who cud resist spicyness?? (No, I don't want you to answer this in my comment..huhu)...

At home, my headache became worst, and I felt chill all over. Told mak about it, she felt my forehead and knew that I already caught up with fever. She wanted to take me to the clinic, but being my rarely-get-sick-self and thinking that I'll get better by myself soon, I refused.

Menjelang senja...hoho.... my throat getting worst and my body felt ache all over. So my mom asked me another time, and this time I agreed, and after Maghrib we went to this clinic in Tmn Bkt Maluri (one that our family go since we moved to Menjalara when I was 5 yrs old). The doctor took my temperature, and he said my fever was quite high, 39°C. Then he checked my throat, and he was very suprised that my left tonsil are full with whitish ulcer. So, because of the heavy infection, he gave me a strong kind of antibiotic(dia la kate kuat..tatau la...hoho), and ubat2 lain i.e demam, selsema etc. I also got 2 days x sure boleh tukar tak my cuti rehat that I've taken kpd MC ni..huhu... Once at home, I tried to see the tonsil myself, and yes...It was white all over..can't even see the normal pinkish surface.

Anyway, the visit to the clinic was on Thursday. I'll continue my journey of sickness in the next post... Till then!...hehehe


kakteh said...

adoi.. smpai putih2 tonsil? bahaye2.. hoho~

nadot83 said...

dah ilang dh putih2 dia...tinggal bengkak je lg....huhu